Shades of Blue Bracelet (Set of 2)
Shades of Blue Bracelet (Set of 2)
Shades of Blue Bracelet (Set of 2)
Styles of a DIVA

Shades of Blue Bracelet (Set of 2)

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The shades of blue bracelets have the right balance of  natural stone and silver. This allows the bracelet to be suitable for both in the office and out to play. Perfect accessory to match your denim outfit. Looks great with an off the shoulder sweater and Jean's or add flare to your tshirt, sneakers and jean outfit.

This one of a kind bracelet is handcrafted just for you because it was created especially for the DIVA in mind.

Size 7 1/2 stretch to fit most.

All Styles of a DIVA bracelets are part of the DIVA Body Décor line. The décor enhances the already beautiful and sexy Diva.

Our Bracelets represent Beauty, adaptability & Diversity :

  • Circular bracelet symbolizes a 360 degrees of divine beauty that all Diva's.
  • Flexibility of the bracelet symbolizes a Diva's adaptability not only in the workplace but in our day to day life.
  • A wide array of gemstones are used to symbolize the diversity among all Diva's working together despite diversity to pass the gems of knowledge not only to one another but to the world.