About us

Styles of A Diva Boutique Owner

Growing up in Brooklyn, NY, I was a very reserved and self conscious child that kept to myself. During this time my creative spirit allowed me to seek refuge in fashion and design. I loved everything fashion related especially accessories. I dreamed of owning a fashion empire that empowered women. As I matured I realized there was no need to be self conscious since we all have flaws. Instead it is necessary to embrace our flaws in order for us to blossom. Like a butterfly my love for fashion and jewelry accessories allowed me to breakout of the cocoon.

Just like a negative image, during the developing stage the negative is exposed to chemicals until the negative is a piece of art. We are not perfect specimens however we must know our worth and embrace our flaws. Fashion is a way to speak to express yourself to the world. You are able to display your confidence and to the world without having to say a thing. Hence, "For the Love of Fashion" F.L.F Boutique formerly "Styles of a DIVA" was conceived.

Therefore, at F.L.F Boutique we pride ourselves on being able to enhance one's unique style. We offer wrist treats (bracelets and bangles), body décor (body chains and arm bangles), and  handbags (clutches, purses, totes, and satchels) that not only enhances your office attire but spice up your after work / weekend style. Our attire offers the flexibility that will allow you to get ready for work but be prepared for the after work event without having to go home to change. Just bring the perfect accessory to adjust your outfit appropriately. To maintain our unique style we replenish our stock weekly with brand new items. In order to keep the items exclusive we try not to restock sold out items. We’re highly committed to customer satisfaction and go out of our way to make sure you are happy with your purchase, so if you want a discontinued item please send an email to info@flfboutique.com.