About us

Step into your closet's world of exclusive gems, a place where the latest trends and timeless classics combine to create an unrivaled range of fashion and accessories. Step into F.L.F Boutique formerly Styles of a DIVA.

At F.L.F Boutique, Our "Style Hunters" have a love for fashion and are continuously looking to fill our collection with a limited variety of exclusive collections so that when you purchase from F.L.F Boutique, you always know that your particular style will look more attractive and shine. We aim to impress you with ideas for designing your own look using F.L.F Boutique signature products.

F.L.F Boutique by Janelle Ford. Janelle started this business back in 2010, Known as “Styles of a Diva,” which is now launched as F.L.F Boutique as of 2019. We design unique styles in which people are inspired and encouraged to celebrate their individuality in every moment and circumstance. We make clothes that can really change the opinions of the people wearing them—unique, bright, cheerful, and exclusive clothes & accessories for women. 


We do it with love and affection for individuals and society, as we believe we can make a statement with clothing, and they are an excellent way of telling our story. Furthermore, we do what we do without considering dominant beauty ideals. We promote sustainable fashion and motivate all, always with the right mindset, to dress confidently.

Our everyday struggle is to develop a thought, a vision, and a message into a collection that makes us feel better. We do this with passion, with great focus, without anything being left to chance. All our procedures are focused on the idea of produced with Love, a specific result of the imagination, the effort, and the passion of people. Our designs and each of our products are focused on a method consisting of several specific moves. 

The brand offers a wide range of products ranging from women's clothing (jeans, waistcoats, sweaters, short dresses, maxi skirts and much more), to accessories, wrist (bracelets and pendants, earrings and necklaces), and handbags (clutches, bags, totes, and satchels) that not only improve your professional look but brighten up your after-work / weekend look. Everyone appeals to our five muses 'style of living: pleasant & expressive; trendy; simple design; glamorous masterpiece; and traditional fashionable. Everything representing a high-quality standard, reflecting lifestyle, oneness, and self-awareness qualities in its nature while making the ideal fest apparel. The brand is recognized for its casual wear and is a source for office attire, birthday dresses, miniskirts, and maxis.


Our Mission

F.L.F Boutique's mission is to offer a unique fashion experience for women by providing the best fashion clothing & accessories.


Our Vision


Our vision is to grow our brand internationally by selecting the right local distribution platforms and increasing the value of Fashion clothing & accessories to expand the reach of our customers.



Life is getting busy. Clothing is necessary as it represents tradition, personality, and way of living. You depend on them for not letting yourself down. We will be there from make-or-break business meetings to friends ceremonies and our beautiful designs suit any moment of your life. Attractive, glamorous, and classy.

Our apparel gives you the freedom to make decisions and get ready for work. It also gives you the confidence to attend an urgent business meeting without the hassle of going back home to change. Just carry in the right accessories to better change your look. We are replenishing our stock weekly with brand new products to maintain our exclusive collections. We tend not to revive sold out items to keep the items exclusive.  

Thank you for taking the time to get to know F.L.F Boutique. You being here, on our site, mean more to us than you will ever know. We are very dedicated to customer satisfaction and go out of our way to make sure you're satisfied with your order, so please send an email to info@flfboutique.com if you want a discontinued product.


Whether you are a first time customer, a loyal long term customer, we’re glad you are here. I hope you will allow us an opportunity to “Dress to Impress” you all. 




Janelle Ford




Styles of A Diva Boutique Owner

Growing up in Brooklyn, NY, I was a very reserved and self conscious child that kept to myself. During this time my creative spirit allowed me to seek refuge in fashion and design. I loved everything fashion related especially accessories. I dreamed of owning a fashion empire that empowered women. As I matured I realized there was no need to be self conscious since we all have flaws. Instead it is necessary to embrace our flaws in order for us to blossom. Like a butterfly my love for fashion and jewelry accessories allowed me to breakout of the cocoon.

Just like a negative image, during the developing stage the negative is exposed to chemicals until the negative is a piece of art. We are not perfect specimens however we must know our worth and embrace our flaws. Fashion is a way to speak to express yourself to the world. You are able to display your confidence and to the world without having to say a thing. Hence, "For the Love of Fashion" F.L.F Boutique formerly "Styles of a DIVA" was conceived.