How To Wear and Layer Stacked Bracelets?

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The layered look is in the trend now, and bracelets are one of the best women fashion accessories to test your stacking abilities on. Layering stacked bracelets around your wrist gives your overall outfit a funky and classy look. If you are not sure how to put up the perfect look, here is a complete guide for you. 


Some Basics of the Stacked Bracelet

Stacked bracelets express your style and change up your overall look. When you swap different pieces, pair up different bracelets, and rearrange the orders, you get plenty of options to start with. You can start with bracelets in varying colors, sizes, and textures depending on your outfit and preferences. 


Pick Up Your Focal Point

When you want to layer stacked bracelets, you must have something to start with. Once you have picked up the main piece, you can easily decide what goes with it. Picking up your focal point means choosing which piece to emphasize and which one goes with your dress. 

 You must know that you have plenty of varieties out there in women fashion accessories for stacked bracelets such as:

  • Watch: You can stack bracelets with the watch that you love. Choose a watch that has a bracelet type of band so that it can go great with the bracelets. 
  • Leather Bracelet: Leather-based bracelet is a good base for the stack especially to enhance a casual look. 
  • Link Bracelet: You can add a metallic touch to your stack by choosing the link bracelet as the base. It comes in different thicknesses, metals, and styles to match with your outfit. 
  • Charm Bracelet: It is the best one if you want to give a personalized look. Pandora charms have a variety of range in themes and interests. 
  • Beaded Bracelet: It adds texture and color to your arrangement. You can choose the one with large beads to make it look more special. 
  • Metal Cuff Bracelet: A cuff-style bracelet creates a metallic center for your arrangement. 
  • Metal Bangles: A bangle -style bracelet also comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. The Caribbean West Indian style bangle also allows one to tell a story. It is also versatile and adjustable allowing one to integrate it into almost any stacked bracelet set. 

Any bracelet can work as the centerpiece but choose the one that stands out with your dress. 


Adding Accents

Adding accents can complement your overall stacked bracelet look. You can choose any bracelets from the women's fashion accessories that don’t have to match the anchor bracelet. It looks great when you mix up things and get creative with the look. 


Various Sizes:

You can add variety to your bracelets by playing with sizes. You can stick with one or two large pieces to avoid making it look clunky. Incorporate small sizes around the bigger ones. Using several thinner bracelets with giving you more variety. 


Play with Colors:

 If you want to make it look funky and stylish, you can add various colors to it. However, sticking with one color only also makes it stunningly decent. You can make your dress stand out by choosing the right color for your stacked bracelets. 

You can get as adventurous as you can by playing with the variety of bracelets you can find in the market. Just choose the ones you like the most and be comfortable in it. 

We would love to see your version of stacked bracelets. Feel free to share with us below.

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