How To Define and Elevate Your Style?

We all can copy our favorite celebrities and try to be fashionable, but what makes us a fashion icon is our own personal style. Developing your style makes you unique. Now, you can adapt different styles but which one suits you the best? Let’s find out.


No matter where you are on the journey of developing and elevating your style, there are always some steps that you can follow to make sure you have a distinct and unique style of our own. Here are some steps that you can follow to find your style:


1.    Finding Your Style Spirit


There is surely a style icon in your life that admired throughout your life. But wait, there isn’t one. You like to mix one with another to make up a style that suits you the best. Sometimes you like Selena Gomez with a bit of Bella Hadid. Decide it.


2.    Snap The Best Ones


Now that you have tried different styles, time to snap a picture of the ones that you like the best. There are some outfits, accessories that epitomize your look, and they will serve as inspiration later on.


3.    Note The Repeats


Take a look at your closet closely and identify the patterns. There are a few outfit styles that you have multiple versions of. It is because those outfits make you feel comfortable and happy. Those are your style sweet spots.


4.    Get The Odd Pieces Out


Again it is time to take a look at your closet. You will find some pieces that just don’t fit with your style spirit or your overall vibe. Now is the time to decide that those pieces can no longer be in your wardrobe. Same is the case with some fashion accessories that you don’t wear anymore. Take them out of your closet and donate them. It’s hard to part with but holding on to them is taking up valuable space in your closet.  


5.    Play Your Strength


Do people compliment you for something unique about you? It may be your amazing footwear or just the way you dress up. If you keep rocking your style no matter what the trend is, you are going to be the most stylish one because you make your own fashion style.


6.    Choose What Makes You Comfortable


If you are wearing something that you think looks the best on you and you are not comfortable in it, then it doesn’t compliment your personality. Comfort and confidence goes hand in hand. Your personality will elevate once you have something that makes you all happy and comfortable too. Your style should be comforting to you not disturbing.


7.    Know Yourself


You know yourself more than anyone else. So, listen to your instincts about the things that you like. Most of the time prioritizing other’s opinion over yours makes you uncomfortable and takes you out of your league. So, listen to yourself and choose the style that you think will look the best on you.


Now that you know how to find and elevate your style, it is time to get on with the journey. Once you have started, all the other steps are very easy. Don’t forget that you ought to feel comfortable in everything your wear.


Conquer your closet and become the fashion icon you are meant to be!!! Feel free to share you fashion style with us!

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