To Be or Not To Be.......

To be or not to be a Diva, is that an option?
The word Diva is widely used and sometimes carries a negative connotation. However, in Latin DIVA means Divine, one that is the best at what they do.
How is that a bad thing?
Webster defines divine as relating to or coming from God. I personally am proud to be a child of God.
I know when I contemplate these two factors that is exactly what I aspire to be. My goal in life is to be the divine woman that God has created me to be. So that is why I’ve created Divality Styles. Here we will proceed on this journey to embrace our inner Diva’s.
We are all Diva’s and nothing can
take away from the greatness that lives within us. We all need to be true to ourselves,
because we are blessed, favored and wonderfully made.

Welcome Diva’s hop aboard and let’s explore!

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