Our promise

Our highly qualified curators will create a box that will bring you joy and positivity.

Positivity, Connections & Affirmations in a box

At F.L.F Boutique, Our "Style Hunters" have a love for gifting and are continuously looking to fill our curated boxes with a limited variety of exclusive pieces so that when you purchase from F.L.F Boutique, you always know that your items are of high quality. We aim to impress you with ideas for designing your own curated box with products from local small businesses.

F.L.F Boutique by Janelle Ford, started this business back in 2010, Known as “Styles of a Diva,” which is now launched as F.L.F Boutique as of 2019. We design unique styles in which people are inspired and encouraged to celebrate their individuality in every moment and circumstance. 

Our Mission

F.L.F Boutique's mission is to offer a unique unboxing experience to promote positivity, affirmations and connections one box at a time.



We do it with love and affection for individuals and society, as we believe we can make a statement and positive impression with every box, and they are an excellent way of telling our story and connecting with your clients. 

Our everyday struggle is to develop a thought, a vision, and a message into each curated box that conveys positivity, affirmations and promotes connections. We do this with passion, with great focus, without anything being left to chance. All our procedures are focused on the idea of produced with Love, a specific result of the imagination, the effort, and the passion of people. Our designs and each of our products are focused on a method consisting of several specific moves. 

Life is getting busy. Our new normal consists of isolation and social distancing. However, we all do better doing life together. Every box is crafted with the recipient in mind.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know F.L.F Boutique. You being here, on our site, means more to us than you will ever know. We are very dedicated to customer satisfaction and go out of our way to make sure you're satisfied with your order, so please send an email to info@flfboutique.com for all inquiries.


Whether you are a first-time customer, a loyal long-term customer, we’re glad you are here. I hope you will allow us an opportunity to curate a box just for you. 




Janelle Ford


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